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Bridges E-Learning Classes -Designed To Fit Your Schedule! 

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Bridges Learning Institute, a division of SDC Inc., a non profit organization, provides enhanced learning solutions that are designed to give you a competitive advantage. The courses are comprehensive and customized to develop your skill and business acumen in a user-friendly online and or hybrid learning platform.  These classes are called "BLAST" -  Building Leaders and Skill Training!  You get  power packed instruction with activities and tools that are creative and transforming. The classes are "relevant" and “scenario based” giving you a valuable experience.  Take this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and get ahead of the game!  Don’t wait!  Sign Up today for classes that will develop, enhance, and prepare you to make the difference in your sphere of influence.  


 Jr. BLAST BOOT CAMP - "Build A Business" an entrepreneurship fun filled program for kids and teens ages 7 -14 from August  26 -30.

For small or large businesses, we have a team of professionals who can provide network installations and infrastructure design. We can help you obtain your short or long term IT goals. Please see our E-Solutions page for more information.

  •  SUMMER BOOT CAMP for Kids & Adults! August 26 - 30.

  • Adults take classes in a hybrid setting (part online and part at one of our sites) or  fully  online.

  •  Every class is filled with substantive and relevant industry data and applications.

  •  Classes are taught by professionals who have industry and teaching experience.

  •  No hassles!  Registration can be completed online.

  •  Customizable – You choose the classes that will help you develop and improve your  personal portfolio.

  •  E-Learning Coaches are available to assist you with course mapping,  business        planning, and job placement.

  • Every participant gets a Certificate of Completion.

Jr. BLAST SUMMER 2016 BOOT CAMP-  An entrepreneurship camp for kids and teens ages 7 -14.  In this boot camp the students will learn how to start a business, create a business plan, and market their product or service. The goal of this course is to develop their social, analytical, mathematical, and comprehension skills while building business acumen.


Marketing Principles - An introduction to the principles, concepts, and strategies of marketing. This course provides an overview of marketing; which is the empathetic art of creating value for consumers by developing profitable relationships.


Microsoft PowerPoint - The course will introduce Microsoft PowerPoint fundamentals. Students will learn how to create slide shows using animations and transitions along with other functions that create professional presentations.


Microsoft Excel - This course will provide an introduction to spreadsheets and the practical uses and versatility of Excel. Students will learn time saving techniques and tips for using Excel effectively.


QuickBooks - Using QuickBooks Pro an accounting software application, students will learn how to set up a new company, chart of accounts; record transactions for customers, vendors and employees; managing lists; running reports and customizing them; changing forms and generating letters.


Introduction to Medisoft - Part I - Medical Billing - Using Medisoft, students will learn how to enter patient information, input scheduling, work with cases, charge transactions, patient payments, claims creations, and handle collections.


Introduction to Medisoft - Part II – Medical Billing - A continuation of using the functions of the Medisoft software application to process patient transactions in a simulated medical office.


Understanding Health Insurance Part I - This course will provide a basic understanding of the major classes of health insurance contracts, the legal regulatory considerations involved in health care reimbursement and how claim forms are used and processed.


Understanding Health Insurance Part II - This course will provide a more in depth view of the major insurance contracts, the benefits they provide, and the legal regulatory considerations that govern them.


International Business - The Challenge of Global Competition - Emphasizes economic, social, cultural, legal, and environmental influences on the formulation and execution of the business policy of firms engaged in multinational business. Students explore the functions, problems and decision-making processes of multinational business organizations.


Entrepreneurship - This course is designed to provide students with an overview of entrepreneurship while familiarizing them with the fundamentals necessary to plan and launch a new business.


Introduction To Computers - This course is a survey of computers and information processing and their roles in society. This course introduces a historical perspective of computing, hardware, software, information systems, and human resources and explores their integration and application in business and other segments of society.


Leadership – “Take The Mountain” - This course is theory-related content combined with experiential teaching methods that empowers leaders to step into their sphere of influence and develop an understanding of leadership theory, examine how attitudes about themselves and others influence leadership behavior, and stimulates the development of new skills through demonstration and practice